We are excited to announce that we now offer residential snow removal and ice melter services. Our reliable, stress-free service will be available in select neighbourhoods so please contact us now to reserve your spot!

We guarantee to have your driveways, walkways and city sidewalks shovelled by 8AM (or earlier where requested) whenever there is at least 2" of snowfall. No need to call.

All work is done discreetly without the use of noisy machines that disturb the neighbourhood. Our flat fee of $60 per service includes the driveway, main entry, and city sidewalk shovelling. Also included is the application of ice melter to prevent dangerous, slippery conditions.

The best part is, there is no deposit required, if we aren't needed, you don't pay anything! Space is very limited so book us now for the entire season. A representative will come to your home free of charge to discuss the service and answer any questions or concerns.