Leave It To The Pros! 

As the primary focus of our company from its inception, hedge trimming and tree care continues to be a major source of pride for all of us at Hedge Pro Plus. Our hedge and tree specialists have years of experience and are eager to take on any hedge and tree maintenance projects you may need. We believe that no maintenance project can imrove the appearance, privacy and security like a well maintained hedge. We recommend yearly maintenance schedules to ensure your trees and hedges stay under control, healthy and beautiful. 


Recommended Pruning Schedule

Winter - Deciduous and fruit trees, Foliage shrubs such as barberry and burning bush, and summer flowering shrubs should all be pruned while dormant in the winter

Spring - Early spring flowering plants such as lilac, forsythia, and rhododendron should be pruned just after flowering. This is also a great season for trimming of all types of hedges.

Summer - Hydrangeas and roses should be pruned before mid-summer, just after flowering

Fall - This is the best time of year for hard pruning and trimming of all types of hedging.